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VaDCJT        virginia Association of directors                           of criminal justice training

If you are a new director, chances are that your predecessor was a member of the VADCJT. 

If you have any question about the status of your account, please contact the VADCT Secretary / Treasurer...<here>.

In addition, new directors or supervisors must submit an application for membership in order to continue your membership.
Who Can Join?

Members shall be defined as a school director, commander and/or supervisors of certified Virginia criminal justice academies and/or training directors and/or supervisors of law enforcement agencies.

Membership Process

An applicant desiring to join the VADCJT must complete an application, which is reviewed by the Executive Committee and voted on by the general membership during the Spring Annual Meeting.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is by invitation after nomination by a member.  The application will be presented to the Executive Committee and voted upon by the membership.

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After you submit this form; the treasurer will send you an invoice which will include an ability to pay online

If you need to receive an invoice before you can pay for the conference; please contact the Secretary / Treasurer <here>

You may also contact us if you are having any difficulties with the registration process.

​Fees for the Annual Membership conference are as follows:

Member (Active or Associate) 1-2 persons--300.00 each

Member (Active or Associate) 3 or more persons--250.00 each

**Conference attendees must be from same agency, to get the discounted rate**

Non Member 400.00 each.

You may get info on the Conference site here